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Theresa May gurning

You say “negotiating is immensely difficult.”

It isn’t.

#BREXIT = WTOs. That was the binary choice.

The EU need to trade, more than do we. The NI border is political chicanery. No fish, cod’s too pricey already down the chippy. A few quid, reciprocal cooperation, no military, no more.

Otherwise, their politics are shambolic, and they’ll implode, keep us well off that tab. We have billions in the ECB, don’t lose it. Our shares in other assets, still no inventory? (Give Robbins a kick.)

Now, look here, we’re fed up of concessions given and sovereignty looted by all the idiots since Heath, as predicted back in ’70 in the FCO 30/1048 that was locked up for 30 years. We know what you’ve all been doing, and it’s not very pretty.

Such is that, I cannot pretend to trust you, nor your colleagues. I would wish to be the first to admit that I have been wrong, I would like very much to be wrong. Frankly I doubt it, but we shall see.

You have to make a decision.

Are you on the side of the British people, or of an unelected Brussels technocracy that is increasingly despised throughout Europe?

They need to trade, it is clear as day. I almost feel sorry for their bereavement until I remember they’re fascists.

Your necessary actions are therefore not “difficult” but very #clear.

For God’s sake, prove me wrong, and do us proud.

That would be nice.

And then I woke up. Dammit I’d fallen asleep in the bath again, my skin was like Charlie doing a shape-shifter, the water was cold and Keir Bloody Starmer was back selling crap on R4.


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