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Brexit the dog from

“Nationalism puts a country first.” (The primacy/racism ‘argument’.)

No it does not, but it does seek to distinguish a homeland, and to protect its people.

… It is called survival, and arguably it is the reason we have life.

What we are experiencing now is the sudden upheaval of nationalism (from atomic family to nation state) for the purpose of profit – cheap labour aka globalisation – and, aided and abetted by politicians, that is fascism, Benito’s definition.

Give me nationalism any day. Not just for me but for each and every soul, to best protect them as well as me and mine … not from each other, but from the psychos at the top who are so successfully ruining our peoples, our cultures and the very rock itself.


Olly Connelly

I produce Daily Brexit, weekdays at 7, and now this site. Hello!

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Brexit the dog