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Save Our Sausages

Actually, sausages have nothing at all to do with this page. That was fake.

This page is about how one might help Daily Brexit and, and not least to keep Olly in liquor, should the compunction occur.

Don't donate

There are many other ways you can help the show and the site, if you like, and often those ways are way more valuable, which is way out.

  • sharing the show, the site, all that
  • getting involved in the live show's comments
  • getting onto Discord to chime in during the show
  • write a review (not sure that functionality is working yet, the reviews here I have pulled in from the old Facebook page)
  • suggest a guest or theme for a show, or even better book me that guest, and bear in mind I am open-minded about guests, will interview anyone really; the show themes are pretty eclectic, while the theme sticks with Brexit, independence and democracy
  • add directory listings (on your Profile page)
    • an event ie a demo, a talk, a meeting, political schedule; the calendar can become a powerful organisational tool
    • petitioning templates; we're creating an easily accessed library for wider use
    • groups ie on Facebook, political parties, movements; networking to unity
    • your favourite alt media; again this information will be compiled with that of others to create a database of quality non-msm news media

These collated directories, freely available for all to reference, might just become very handy. I hope so. Their output will be found on the Tools page.

So you get the picture, there's plenty of ways to help out around here, aside from subbing a pint.

Do donate

Then again, if you do want to fund my toasting the inevitable implosion of the bloody EU regardless of Brexit and praise be Salvini, then here's that deal and thank you either way, you just read quite a lot and you're still here.

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