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6: Resign You Remoron!

Surprise surprise, Theresa May has been forced to "postpone" the vote for treason, the vote to give the EU a veto over our national future.


She has lost c. 20 ministers (I’ve lost count), she has wasted the nation’s time, treasure and potential, and she remains hell-bent on selling us down the river …


Olly chews over the lack of representation at Westminster, the fascism that is Brussels …

… and takes your calls on UK national number 033 000 11 264.

Else you can pop onto Discord – – and kick up some debate in the comments.

The show's at, see you in the comments and, hey, call the live show!

Please like and share the show and, maybe if you're flush, buying Olly a beer, big cheers!

That's 6pm UK-time.

Here's to us and bugger this demented bloody woman!

Olly Connelly
Daily Brexit

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Monday 10 December 2018

Brexit the dog from

Call the show with Discord …

For anyone new to the show, we can’t use Skype ‘cos it’s a pain to desk-produce. Discord works best, it’s free and it’s awesome, so please try it, and join in.

There’s a guide for installing Discord … … that guide refers to a web link that you need to navigate to … … you will be asked if you want to join the Daily Chaos server, say yes … you will be asked if you want to use your Discord application rather than the web browser, say yes! … then click on the Union Jack ballot box icon, then the “Green Room” channel, and I’ll pull you into the show.

And bear in mind that there are often a lot of folks in and out, so be patient. When you’re not speaking – please – mute your microphone, thank you.

(I #try to be about an hour or so before the show to help newbies setting up Discord. I want folks to be heard. PM me on Facething.)