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Editorial: This is the story of the last two years, a nation betrayed

Brexit the dog from

The hard truth is this: the establishment have done and will do everything in their power to preserve their fiefdom, and it is not in their personal interest to leave this globalist disingenuity the EU.

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Fakestream ~ 12 Nov 18

Tusk: ‘Brownshirt’ Populists ‘Fundamental Threat’ to Europe

Ooh look, we’re “brownshirts” now, that’s a new one.

No Donald Tusk, we just can’t stand unelected fascists like you.

(Not least spouting your plutocratic poison the day after the Centennial.)

Populist sentiment poses a “fundamental threat” to the EU, European Council president Donald Tusk has said, proclaiming next year’s elections a battle between pro-sovereignty “brownshirts” and plans for a globalist superstate ruled from Brussels.
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Fakestream ~ 12 Nov 18

Corbyn slammed for ‘looking like a tramp’ at Cenotaph

It was the war criminals behind him that nearly made me puke.

Stunned viewers said they were ‘shocked’ at Corbyn's coat, with one claiming he looked as though he was 'going fishing'. The criticism was similar to that in the Michael Foot 'donkey jacket' row.
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Fakestream ~ 12 Nov 18

Muslims Demand Apology for Oz PM’s ‘Radical Islam’ Remark

Muslims Demand Apology for Oz PM's 'Radical Islam' Remark

The Muslim leaders are a bunch of tooth fairy fantasists without even the courtesy to speak in the tongue of their ‘adopted culture’, he should apologise for nothing; they should explain what they are doing to stop waging terror on our shores and to assimilate (if anything).

We have been polite for long enough. The guests must learn our ways or leave.

(FB ban here I come, way too logical there!)

Australia' PM Scott Morrison called out "radical, violent, extremist Islam that opposes our very way of life" after the attack in Melbourne.
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Fakestream ~ 12 Nov 18

France tells Theresa May to FORGET backstop review clause

France tells Theresa May to FORGET backstop review clause

Dear Tory Party,

You’re a useless bunch of traitors. Kindly bugger off to Brussels where you belong. Take the Blairites with you, and that moron from Scotland.

The British.

PS Here’s a clue: “Oi, Frenchie, do you want our business or not? Then talk trade and stop playing the jerk.”

… It ain’t rocket science, it is very simple, all else is political spin.

FRANCE has sent shockwaves into Theresa May's hopes of concluding a Brexit deal by rejecting a so-called “independent review clause” in the Irish backstop.
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Brexit the dog