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Tools (coming very soon)

I see so many superb ideas, from clever niche Brexit groups to powerful letter templates to petition our cause, a wealth of tools to help our campaign for democracy.

The problem is, almost always, these imaginative sparks are swallowed up by some social timeline that doesn't stop for breath. Ideas are scattered like confetti in the wind.

That's where this section of comes in.

... The site is new and the database young, but the plan is a collation of ideas here, user-submitted and open to all. Basically, a bunch of handy directories:-

  • an events calendar
  • petitioning templates
  • an influencers directory (click-to-petition)
  • a groups directory
  • a rated (non-fake) media directory
  • probably something else or three

So hey, that's something to look forward to. All should be steadily-building resources very quickly after the launch of this site, I hope so anyway.

In the meantime, this is a holding page for the above, not least so you know what I'm thinking, and perhaps that may provoke similar ideas from you, in which case please contact me.

I'll address this page again soon enough, I suspect it may be more useful than the damn show frankly, ha!